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Get the Most Out of Your Energy Dollars with Attic Insulation from Community Builders

High-Quality Insulation for Oklahoma City Homes

We proudly offer local homeowners some of the highest quality attic insulation on the market today. Our Green Energy Barrier foil insulation is one of the most affordable reflective insulations out there and far exceeds the capabilities of traditional attic insulations. By reflecting the heat absorbed by your roof in the hot summer months and containing the heat within your home during the cold winter months, our insulation helps your home maintain a comfortable temperature all year. Green Energy Barrier’s reflective material is the same as NASA’s spacesuit technology that was originally designed to protect astronauts from the extreme temperatures in space. The best part is that since our attic insulation is installed directly on top of your current insulation or under your rafters, the installation can be completed in one day. This means that you can start benefiting from greater energy efficiency sooner!

Attic Insulation Benefits:

  • Energy Efficient: Radiant Barrier Insulation offers far greater energy efficiency that traditional insulation materials
  • Affordable: One of the most cost-effective options on the market today, Radiant Barrier Insulation costs less to install and gives you more savings
  • State-of-the-Art: Uses NASA spacesuit technology to get you the most energy efficient capabilities available
  • Environmentally Friendly: Saves you more money by allowing your home to consume less energy

Distinct from traditional insulation systems that only resist heat, our radiant barrier insulation product actually reflects heat, which makes it far more efficient. The barrier reflects 97% of heat from your roof during the summer and keeps the same amount in your home during the winter, creating a more comfortable home throughout the year. Additionally, the benefits you get from our Green Energy Barrier insulation will last a lifetime. The money you’ll save year after year is proof enough that you’re continually conserving valuable energy. Our professional installers at Community Builders will help make your home more energy efficient and green with our Green Energy Barrier attic insulation. Don’t wait any longer to get the superior comfort of a home insulated with radiant barrier, contact us today to see to get started on bettering your home in a big way!

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