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Find the Right Sunroom Style for Your Home

See Which Sunroom Style is Perfect for You

Deciding on the perfect addition for your Oklahoma City home can be difficult. There are many things to consider such as the purpose of the new space. At Community Builders of Oklahoma City, our sunroom home additions bring beauty, elegance, and style to any home. They create an indoor space that is purposed toward enjoying outdoor beauty. Whether you want to use as a family sitting room or a game room, the majesty of your outdoor area will accompany you. No longer will you have to subject yourself to the elements just to enjoy your scenic outdoor area. We offer four styles of sunrooms at Community Builders of Oklahoma City. Each comes with its own unique charm to enhance your lifestyle.

Sunroom Styles for Your Home:

  • Elizabethan: The Elizabethan is a conservatory styled sunroom that separates itself from the traditional sunroom. Its glass roof allows a larger amount natural light into the room. This unique feature is also great for stargazing from the comfort of you indoor area or watching lightning light up the night sky as rain beads down the glass.
  • Classic Contemporary: This traditional sunroom style is great for homes of any style and features a classic in look with modern comfort. They are made up of several large windows that serve as the primary walls. They also feature a traditional roof to protect from hazardous weather.
  • Solarium: The signature feature of Solariums is their glass roof that opens your home up to the beautiful night sky. They also feature a thermal roof and an integrated gutter system to help keep your sunroom comfortable and clear of debris so your views of the sky are never spoiled.
  • Vaulted: The distinct feature of the vaulted sunroom is its vaulted ceiling. A vaulted ceiling is great for expanding the visual space of the sunroom. It also provides more wall space that can be filled with custom fit windows to allow in more natural light.

Enjoy a New Sunroom Installation

Regardless of the sunroom style you choose for your Oklahoma City home, your time of leisure will be transformed forever. At Community Builders of Oklahoma City, we are well versed in everything to do with home remodeling and additions. This means we are more than equipped to help you choose the perfect sunroom for your home. Our design experts have a wealth of experience in helping homeowners capture the true beauty of their homes. Start enjoying the beauty of your outdoor area today by contacting us for a free consultation about the sunrooms we offer.

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