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How Vinyl Composite Siding Saves You Energy

Have an Eco-Friendly Home with Composite Siding

Making sure your Oklahoma City home is energy efficient can go a long way with regards to saving money and the environment. That’s why it’s become such a high priority for so many homeowners. However, there is no one cure all fix fully optimize your home’s energy efficiency. That’s why we carry several products at Community Builders of Oklahoma City that are designed to help optimize the overall efficiency of your home. The best part is that our experts are all trained to help you determine which will have the largest impact so you don’t have to upgrade everything at once.

Traditionally, one of the largest contributors to your home’s energy efficiency is the siding. This facet of your home makes up the bulk of its exterior. That means your home siding is your first line of defense against excessive energy use. There are many sidings to choose from including wood and vinyl, however, each of those pale in comparison to our high-quality composite siding. Our Cedar Ridge® siding is designed specifically to increase your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency at an affordable price.

How Our Siding Saves You Energy:

  • Lamination Technology: Making use of TXL™ Lamination technology, our insulated siding is fully fused with the foam backing. This allows the two to work as one unit to provide you with exceptional insulating qualities not found with other insulated sidings. The lamination technology also provides a bond that is 200% stronger than standard methods of adhesion.
  • Neopor®: A highly advanced insulated rigid foam that is made by using small black beads of polystyrene. These expandable beads utilize a blowing agent triggers their expansion which creates the foam material. The black beads are processed and formed into foam blocks once they expand. This advanced foam backing has 20% greater insulating qualities than standard foam backing and uses up to 50% less raw materials which makes it very eco-friendly.

Keep Your Home Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

With an R-Value that’s up to 19% higher than other sidings, our composite siding saves you more money thanks to the Neopor® technology it uses. In addition to the increased thermal performance, our siding is also 240% more impact resistant than fiber cement siding and resists winds up to 200 mph. It also significantly reduces outside noise by up to 45%. For a stellar siding that increases your home’s energy efficiency, contact Community Builders of Oklahoma City and schedule your free consultation.

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