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How Our Windows Perform with Energy Efficiency

Discover the Beauty of Saving Energy Dollars

Up to 40% of heat transfer occurs through the windows of your Oklahoma City home, which is why having energy efficient windows installed is very important. The modern, energy-saving technology of current windows can effectively cut this percentage down and provide you with a greener home. At Community Builders of Oklahoma City, our line of EnviroView® windows optimize the energy efficiency of your home. They are specifically designed to reduce heat transfer, block UV, and maximize daylighting. Our windows are able to accomplish this because they are equipped with multiple energy-saving technologies that effectively reduce heat transfer and UV infiltration.

EnviroView’s Energy Efficiency Explained

  • Activator 12 Low-E Glass Package: Possessing many microscopic layers of metallic coatings, our Low-E glass helps optimize your home’s energy efficiency throughout the year. You’ll also benefit from a reduced amount of UV rays entering your home. The full package comes with an advanced spacer system and NSArgon gas fills for a greater upgrade in energy efficiency.
  • Multi-Chambered Design: We construct our windows using a multi-chambered frame to provide greater strength and energy efficiency. The multi-chambered frame adds strength and rigidity to the frame’s integrity and the dead air space insulates. You can also choose to have this space filled with insulating foam for increased thermal protection.
  • Multi-Layered Weather Stripping: This helps keep air, water, dirt, and even allergens from entering your home through the area around the window.
  • Fusion Welded Frame & Sash: Our windows completely seal off any gaps or leaks that are typical of mechanically fastened window frames. The fusion weld forms a permanent bond between the sash and frame to ensure there is no space for air or moisture to enter.
  • Advanced Spacer Technology: The spacer system we use for our windows is formed with aluminum, foam, steel, and polycarbonate. This creates a spacer low in conductivity and strong in support. It also helps reduce the formation of condensation.

Go Green with a More Energy Efficient Home

It’s important that your Oklahoma City home is performing as energy efficiently as possible. A big step you can take to help with this is to have replacement windows from Community Builders of Oklahoma City installed. We’ve chosen EnviroView® because we believe they carry the best energy-saving qualities to help Oklahoma City homeowners save money and maintain a more eco-friendly home. Don’t let your old windows cost you more than they’re worth, instead, contact us today for your free consultation.

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