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Increase Home Security with Fiberglass Doors

Don’t Fear Intrusion Anymore with Secure New Doors

Doors are primarily purposed toward providing security and protection from the elements and intruders. Some doors are stronger and more secure than others. For instance, steel doors will do a better job of protecting your home than wood but you do sacrifice some beauty. At Community Builders of Oklahoma City, we believe our fiberglass doors have found a good balance of providing security and beauty. That’s why so many Oklahoma City homeowners have turned to us for replacement doors that provide security and beauty.

Fiberglass doors have become increasingly popular because of their strong resistance to impacts, warping, splitting, and other damages. Their quality of strength doesn’t just improve home security but it also means you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your door being marred by damage. Additionally, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty with fiberglass doors since they take color very well and the texture is the closest you can get to real wood-grain texture without using natural wood.

Stay Protected and Beautiful with Fiberglass Doors:

  • Durability: Fiberglass doors aren’t susceptible to deterioration such as rotting and rusting. This is a feature that solely belongs to fiberglass since wood can rot and steel can rust.
  • Strength: Fiberglass combines plastics, glass fibers, and resins to create a strength comparable to that of carbon fiber composites, though not as brittle. Its bulk strength even outperforms many metals of the same weight. This means fiberglass doors are just as strong as steel doors.
  • Low-Maintenance: Little maintenance is required of fiberglass doors as they are very easy to clean. They are also resistant to scratching, denting, warping, and splitting.
  • Security Options: We have several keyed entry sets to give you multiple options when it comes to how you apply security to your new door.

Secure Your Home with New Replacement Doors

Keep your home and family protected from the dangers of intruders by having Community Builders of Oklahoma City install a new entry door on your Oklahoma City home. Our installers always perform flawless installations so that no intruders may enter. We take careful measures to ensure that the strength of your new installation won’t fail. Such measures include ensuring the framework is solidly in place leaving now gaps, loose hinges, or any other potential dangers. The framework also plays a large role in optimizing the energy efficiency of your Oklahoma City home. Don’t let your home be susceptible to break-ins anymore. Contact us today so we can help you achieve peace of mind with your security.

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