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Natural Metal Roofing vs. Natural Stone-Coated Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Options: Which to Choose & Why

One of the largest concerns with metal roofing has always been its appearance. Fortunately, stone-coated metal roofs have made that a non-issue. The stone coating combines the more traditional shingle look with the strength and durability metal. This makes it possible for you to have the look of tile, wooden shake, or asphalt without sacrificing durability. Unfortunately, the hype around natural stone-coated metal roofs has overshadowed natural metal roofing. There’s actually quite a few homeowners confuse the two terms as well. That’s where Community Builders of Oklahoma City steps in to help you discern and appreciate the beauty of natural metal roofs.

The Fall of Natural Beauty

Metal isn’t typically the material that comes to mind when homeowners think of elegant beauty for their roofing. This is understandable since metal can present a somewhat industrious look. However, the art of metal roofing has been around far longer than some may think. Copper metal roofing can be seen in older architecture and was often only used for important structures due to its high cost. Fortunately, the cost of metal roofing has become more affordable for all homeowners with the availability of materials like steel, tin, and aluminum but copper is still on the expensive side.

Most types of natural metal roofing have fallen victim to the idea of being less attractive than their stone-coated counterparts. This could be because of one aspect of natural metal that is often overlooked. That design quality is the appearance of “patina”. This is something formed from the corrosion that occurs with metal materials. Metals that are more resistant to corrosion end up with a layer of patina that helps protect the base. Patina has this effect on copper, which is why it is such a fine choice for natural metal roofing. There are sealants that halt the corrosive process on lesser metals to preserve the natural beauty patina provides.

The Stone-Coated Phenom

Stone-coated metal roofs are considered to be more attractive due to their ability to simulate the look of traditional residential roofing materials. Their combination of traditional beauty and metal durability makes it hard to their effectiveness. That’s why Community Builders of Oklahoma City proudly carries stone-coated metal roofing from Energy-Loc. We’ve also made it a point to hold onto the classic styling of natural metal roofing as well for Oklahoma City homeowners that prefer a more stoic look. For more details about the difference between these two metal roofing styles, contact us for your free consultation.

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