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Create Metal Roofing Beauty with Customizable Options

Style Your Home with Our Selection of Metal Roofs

At Community Builders of Oklahoma City, one of our top products is the high-quality Energy-Loc metal roofs. Proven to last over 40 years and stand up to the strongest natural hazards, their quality of durability and strength are unquestioned. They resist hail impact, fire, wind, cracking, and curling so you never have to worry about their longevity. Our roofs also incorporate advanced UV reflective technology to help fight off radiant heat transfer. These features alone make our roofs one of the best investments you can make for your Oklahoma City home but how do metal roofs affect your curb appeal. This concern has stalled the popularity of metal roofs for decades. Fortunately, they have recently been able to shake that concern with the introduction of natural stone coating. Now metal roofs are available in many styles that can simulate the look of more traditional materials.

Beautiful Metal Roofing Styles:

  • Metal Shake: This style perfectly simulates the look of a wooden shake roof to bring out the true beauty of your home’s architecture. Shake roofing enhances the curb appeal with its distinct shadow line and the strength of your home is enhanced with metal.
  • Metal Tile: Your home can finally have a more cultured look with a roof resembling the architecture of Italian or Spanish home’s fit with clay tiles. Additionally, you don’t have to deal with the high-maintenance that accompanies tile.
  • Natural Metal: No stone coating here. Natural metal roofs are uniquely beautiful from our stone-coated options. This type of metal roofing is primarily used by those more adept at home design. The eye-catching layer of patina is the primary draw and cannot be simulated.
  • Vertical Panel: The vertical seam style is what most would imagine when thinking of metal roofs. Though not for everyone, the unique rustic look adds a distinct charm to your home.

Enjoy a Roof that Lasts a Lifetime

The popularity of metal roofing is largely due to its unique strength and lifelong durability. Metal roofing has no equal when it comes to these qualities. Combine those with their newly acquired stone-coated beauty, and metal roofs have little to no competition in the industry. Unfortunately, the quality does nothing if the installation is poor. That’s why we only hire the most proven and experienced installers who are known for performing flawless installations. Make the leap to metal today by contacting us for your free consultation.

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