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Retain Beauty & Increase Durability with Metal Roofs

Enjoy the Benefits of Stone-Coated Metal Roofing

Ensuring that your Oklahoma City home stays beautiful requires hours of work, maintenance, and making sure that its components are up to date. One of the larger jobs is to maintain the condition of your roof which has a tendency to breakdown due to weathering, time, and natural hazards. The roofing experts at Community Builders of OKC are here to tell you that there’s a better way. Our Energy-Loc® metal roofs help ease the financial and laborious burdens of home maintenance. These roofs are able to withstand the fury of nature by being resistant to impact, fire, and wind damage. Additionally, they are proven to last at least 40 years. That means there is very little likelihood that you’ll ever have to replace your roof again. Best of all, our low-maintenance metal roofing is designed for beauty.

Metal Roofing Designed for Beauty

Metal roofing’s greatest attribute has always been its ability to provide superior strength and durability. Then qualities like its energy-saving capabilities, eco-friendliness, and easy installation help thrust it to the forefront of the roofing industry. Unfortunately, some concerns remained regarding the look and excess noise during rainy weather. These concerns kept the majority of homeowners from transitioning.

Later, it was found that the increased noise from rain was a myth as metal roofs produce about the same amount of decibels as traditional roofing. Additionally, natural stone-coatings have given metal roofs the ability to simulate the look of traditional roofing. This means that Oklahoma City homeowners can finally enjoy the beautiful look of tile or wooden shake combined with the durability and strength of metal. The stone-coated metal roofs we have at Community Builders of Oklahoma City provide your home with exceptional beauty, enhanced strength, and enduring protection.

Get More from a Metal Roof

The durability and strength of our metal roof aren’t all that they have to offer Oklahoma City homeowners. They’re also highly energy-efficient thanks to the UV-reflective granite stone chips and innovative installation method used. An energy-efficient roof like ours keeps your home protected from radiant heat transfer, which is the most efficient form of heat transfer. Plus, our roofs are eco-friendly since they’re made using 30% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable after their lifespan runs out. Better your home today beautiful metal roof; just contact us to schedule your free consultation!

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