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Never Lose Bathing Freedom with a New Walk-in Tub

The New Standard in Accessibility Products

Walk-in tubs have quickly become the standard accessible bathing option due to their innovative design that provides easy accessibility for people with mobility issues. The walk-in tubs we carry at Community Builders of Oklahoma City are no exception to this as they come with several beneficial features. Our walk-in tubs are manufactured by Liners Direct and are designed to provide a soothing bathing experience. The low-threshold design makes it so homeowners don’t have to struggle with stepping over a high-sided tub barrier anymore. They are also equipped with a leak-proof door that’s easy to operate; plus, it forms a watertight seal so water can’t escape your tub. These are just the standard options of our walk-in tubs. There are a variety of other great features that our walk-in tubs can have.

Features & Benefits of Our Walk-in Tubs

  • Low-Threshold: Easy accessibility can be found with our low-threshold entrance, which was specifically designed for those with mobility issues. Eliminate any worries you have with tripping over a high-sided tub entrance with a walk-in tub installation.
  • Chair-Height Seat: The feature of a chair-height seat lets you ease into your bath at a comfortable sitting position. This way you can benefit from a full body soak without having to constantly adjust positions like you would in a cramped traditional bathtub.
  • Leak-Proof Door: Our walk-in tub is designed to keep water in once the leak-proof side door is sealed shut. The ease of operation greatly complements its ability to form a watertight seal.
  • Hydrotherapy: Experience the pleasures of a warm water massage from our hydrotherapy jets that reduces the soreness and aches of your muscles and joints. Hydrotherapy is also great for increasing blood flow, which is great for diabetics.
  • Low-Maintenance: The infusion of Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection increases our walk-in tubs’ resistance to mold, mildew, and other bacteria. This means they are easier to clean and won’t let bacteria fester.

Relaxing Bathing with Walk-in Accessibility

Walk-in tubs have risen in popularity not just because of the accessibility they provide but also because of the comfort they offer. With one of our beautiful walk-in tubs, you can experience accessible bathing and relaxing comfort. That’s why the experts at Community Builders of Oklahoma City have become the trusted source for high-quality walk-in tubs. Don’t wait any longer to experience this accessible bathing sensation that’s accessible and low maintenance, contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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