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What Makes Our Green Energy Barrier Work

Enjoy the New Comfort of Your Oklahoma City Home

Practically anyone can tell you that their attic insulation product will save you the most money or that it’s the most efficient. In fact, most will say just about anything to sell their products but only at Community Builders of Oklahoma City will we give you the truth about how it works. The reason we do this is because we firmly believe in providing our customers with knowledge so that they can make an informed decision for their Oklahoma City home. We also believe that exhibiting our expertise in the field gives our clients the confidence they need in us. It’s for these reasons that we’re going to explain the basics of how our Green Energy Barrier® works. Granted, won’t be using all of the scientific jargon but we’ll still be able to provide a good summary of what makes our product so special. The first step to understanding how it protects is to understand what it’s protecting against.

Know the Enemy: Radiant Heat Transfer

The most effective form of heat transfer is radiant heat transfer (aka radiation or thermal radiation). It is also the most prominent form of heat transfer as the largest source of it is the life-giving sun. Despite how common it is, it’s still somewhat difficult to understand. Put as simply as possible, radiant heat is generated by a thermal movement of charged atom particles. These charged particles exist in all matter and the energy generated is referred to as electromagnetic radiation. Some common generators of thermal radiation are incandescent lights, a hot stove coil, or even the sun’s rays beaming through the window. A peculiar characteristic of radiant heat is its ability to travel through space without heating the air around it. It only heats the physical objects that come into contact with it. This distinctly separates it from convective heat transfer which circulates and transfers heat through the air.

How Does Radiant Barrier Work to Stop Radiation?

Our radiant barrier is able to stop radiation because it possesses high values of reflectivity and low values of emissivity. Green Energy Barrier® reflects radiant heat rather than simply slowing it down or absorbing and re-radiating it. This makes it very useful in the attic when your radiantly heated roof attempts to transfer heat into your attic, which affects your entire home. Rather than absorbing that heat and redistributing it like other attic insulation, our reflective foil never lets it in. Additionally, your home can retain heat better when your radiant barrier faces inward. This means those winter months don’t have to be so cold anymore. It’s best if you install double-sided reflective foil insulation for optimal efficiency. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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