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Community Builders of Oklahoma: Tips to save energy in your home while on vacation

Want to make sure you’re not letting money fly out the window while you’re on vacation this summer? You can enjoy your vacation worry free with these simple tips to save energy in your home while on vacation: Keep your blinds or shutters closed to keep sunlight from warming up your home during the hot summer months.

1. Make sure all electronics are unplugged. Even items like digital clocks, chargers and coffee pots drain energy as long as they are plugged in.

2. Invest in an automatic timer for a few lights rather than leaving lights on to appear as if someone is home.

3. Shut off the circuit breaker to your water heater or turn the temperature to its lowest setting to reduce heat loss.

4. Adjust your refrigerator and freezer to a slightly warmer temperature.

5. Set your thermostat to around 80-85 degrees.

At Community Builders of Oklahoma City, our energy efficient windows keep cold air in during the summer and out during the winter. They also block UV rays that can fade your floors or furniture. Our vinyl siding prevents air infiltration, keeping your home comfortable year-round. Our high-quality doors will help reduce drafts, keep your home more comfortable and improve energy efficiency! Make sure your windows, doors, and siding are up-to-date to keep your energy bills low!

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