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Relining Vs. Reglazing your Bathtub

Is there a bathroom that you pretty much avoid because you have the world’s ugliest bathtub? If you answered yes, then we here at CBI OKC can help. If your bathtub is full of stains, cracks and other blemishes that you can never get out or cover up we have your affordable, fast and perfect solution. Our bath liners are made right here in the U. S.A. and are made from a very durable acrylic. No need for a messy tear out. Our bath liners are custom fit over your existing tub to ensure that you get a perfect fit, free from any gaps and leaks. Our durable acrylic materials will never peel, crack, mold or mildew. They are super simple to keep clean and sparkling. Just use a warm soapy sponge and wipe clean. It’s that simple. Most of the time we can transform your old grungy tub into a beautiful tub you look forward to using in as little as one day.

By this time in your bathtub remodeling research, you have probably heard about bathtub reglazing. Here at CBI OKC, reglazing is not something we do or have any desire to do. Reglazing may look good for a few months, but it is just a band-aid fix because reglazing is just temporary.

Reglazing coatings are not even close to being as durable as your original tub enamel or porcelain finish. It is also not as strong as your original bathtub and is not impact and chip resistant. There’s just not enough advantages to reglazing for us. We would love to come out and take a look at your old bathtub. We will show you all of the designer colors and styles our bath liners are available in. Together, we will come up with the perfect solution to transform your ugly tub into a beautiful focal point in your bathroom. We know our bath liners are of the highest quality in the industry, which is why we back them with a Lifetime Guarantee. Truly, the only thing you have to lose is your ugly tub.

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