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Need to Know Things When Replacing Your Bath

Bathroom remodels can be intimidating projects because they can easily snowball out of control, especially if you’re not fully prepared. That’s why forming a solid game plan before starting is always a good idea. Oftentimes, homeowners will reach out to professionals before proceeding in order to ensure that the transition is smooth and won’t hinder their daily routine. If you want to avoid a large remodel but still get a stellar new bathroom appearance, then we suggest starting with a replacement bathtub. However, before diving head first into the remodel, it’s best to consider a few things.

Bath Remodeling Tips

  • Do You Need a New Bath: The first thing to do is to assess your bathroom needs. No one want to invest in something they don’t necessarily need, especially high ticket items like new baths. Oftentimes, a bathtub can be renewed with a simple reglazing or relining, both of which are affordable alternatives to a full replacement. However, a replacement tub is the best solution if the goal is to reinvent your bathroom or if your bathtub is horrendous shape.
  • What Material to Choose: There are numerous options from which to choose when it comes to replacement bathtub materials. These materials include: acrylic, cast iron, fiberglass, and wood. Our personal favorite, and one of the most popular, is acrylic due to its high affordability and customizability that makes it capable of fitting practically any space in your bathroom.
  • Coordination with the Bathroom: Make sure to pay attention to the style of your bathroom. Coordination should be a priority when it comes to any type of remodeling project. Ensuring that your bath remodel fits with the cosmetic style of your home is paramount. One of the reasons acrylic baths are so popular is that they can be perfectly customized to whatever shape or style needed. In fact, we have a large selection of shapes, colors, and patterns that can complement any bathroom or give it a fresh, new look!
  • Accessibility Needs: Finally, one must consider accessibility and long-term usability. Mobility issues can afflict anyone of any age and be quite perilous so investing in an accessible bathing apparatus may be a wise investment. Unfortunately, accessible baths like walk-in tubs can be somewhat expensive so if you’re operating on a smaller budget, you should look into accessories like safety grab bars or other accessible bathing add-ons.

Trust Our Professionals with Your Remodel Needs

Bathroom remodels can be tricky which is why turning to a reputable professional can be key to ensuring that your remodel goes seamlessly. Make sure to research which companies are reputable enough to deserve your business before investing your resources. Another pitfall to avoid is DIY route, unless you have the experience and tools necessary. We advise against DIY because bathroom remodels are such large jobs that they can easily go awry and become overwhelming. To learn more about our bathroom remodeling services or to speak with one of our representatives, contact CBI OKC today!

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